Ugh, Thrush..


First off, lets just talk about how freaking adorable my red-headed blue eyed baby girl is. ugh! I cant get over it. That picture is from when she was 11 days old. Anyways…..

Thrush is basically just the over growth of yeast.


We first started noticing that Nova had a thick film of white stuff on her tongue. We asked the pediatrician about it who said that it could just be milk, she scraped some off and said there may be a tiny bit of thrush but not enough to need to treat.

At her next appointment we noticed that she also had white patches on her cheeks. This is when her pediatrician confirmed it was thrush and prescribed us Nystatin to help treat it. It’s a liquid that you put in the babies mouth and rub in the cheeks, and it’s supposed to balance out the yeast.

When trying to get rid of it you have to be sure you don’t let the baby keep giving it to herself. For example, we had to sterilize all of her pacifier’s every time she took them out of her mouth, same with bottle nipples. We also had to constantly be cleaning her hands because she always has her hands in her mouth.


Mothers can get thrush on their nipples as well, it’s really common when breastfeeding. I noticed itchy nipples. And when I say itchy I mean unbearable itchiness. I was able to get rid of this by using an antifungal cream and keeping my nipples clean. I cleaned after every pumping session and periodically when my nipples would start to itch. I got the infection when I was taking antibiotics for Mastitis. It’s really common for the antibiotics to mess with the balance of yeast and for it to overgrow. I had to be sure to change my bra frequently, and not eat anything to sugary.

Thrush is usually recurrent but at least next time we can nip it in the butt!!

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