Are you kidding me?

Dont even get me started on clogged ducts and mastitis. 

Okay, im already started. 

Not only do us new breastfeeding and exclusively pumping mothers have to deal with all the stress of motherhood, lets add horrible pain, chills, and a fever to the mix!?! 

It all starts with a clogged duct. You just feeding or pumping a way and something gets stuck.

You try all you can. Massage, heat, herbal supplements, and nothing works. 

Then you wake up one moring with a 105 fever, body aches and chills like you woudnt believe. (Yes, im speaking from experience.) I called my OB about this and guess what they had the nerve to say? CONGRATS. Congrats? Excuse me? Its not a congradulating matter. They went onto say i had mastitis. Gave me antibiotics and those fixed me right up.

I have no secret to preventing this, but if you do get it, god help you.

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