Weaning, Latching and Supply

Today’s blog is about weaning, latching, and supply, as promised. Please refer back to my “Milk Supply: What works for ME” blog in regards to my supply.


I obviously have not weaned yet but I have made plans to do so. I am exclusively pumping like you all know so weaning will be a little bit different. I have a few small goals that ultimately lead to a big goal. My first small goal that I already reached was to breastfeed after birth, I did this, for 1 month. Due to certain circumstances (oversupply, forceful let down, painful letdown) I had to switch to exclusively pumping per her pediatrician’s recommendation. I was proud of myself for breastfeeding for an ENTIRE month! Plus I was pumping after every feed so I already had over 1000 oz in the deep freezer at that point! Woot! My next small goal was to make it to 3 months on breastmilk, I did that with flying colors, currently at 4 months. My next goal is to make it to 6 months on just breastmilk, so far so good. My goal after that is to make it to 1 year, then a year and half, then 2 years. At that point my goal is to only give her frozen milk when sick and stop pumping. This would be my planned ‘weaning’ point in my breastfeeding journey. I find that keeping small goals to keep my eye on make the process a lot easier, when I hit that small goal I am more motivated to hit the next, instead of dwelling on the fact that I have 20 months left, I can focus on the fact that I have 2 months left to my next goal!


I do not have much experience on latching, like I said above I only fed on the breast for 4 weeks. Right after birth though my baby girl latched like a pro in the cradle position. I never had any issues with latch and she had it down from the start. All of the nurses and doctors were extremely impressed at her ability to latch on so quickly and easily. Like I kept telling everyone, my body was not meant to be pregnant, but it was meant to take care of a baby. There are so many different positions for latching but I found that the easiest for me was the cradle hold and I was able to walk around, sit, lay down, everything with that one position. They key I found to a successful latch was to make sure you SHOVE that nipple in that babies mouth. A lot goes in there.



Please refer to my blog posted a few days about my supply. Milk Supply: What works for ME

On a personal update: I LEAVE FOR FLORIDA TOMORROW! First vacation in a VERY long time. 🙂

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