Breastmilk Storage

One of the main things for exclusive pumpers is storage. How long can breastmilk be stored in different areas. Well here is a list of the basics thats ive learned from various different sources:

– At room temp its good for 5 hours. 

– In the fridge its good for 5 days. 

– In the freezer its good for 5 months. 

– In the DEEP freezer its good for 1 year. 

– Once at room temp from the fridge or freezer it needs to be used. 

– Can me moved from the fridge to freezer within 5 days. 

– Once frozen is thawed in fridge it needs to be used in 1 day. 

Now I will be the first to admit that I have stretched these time frames but this is my general rule. I always do the smell test before feeding to my baby. If it smells a little funky, I dump it. 

I always keep 7 bottles of 4oz in the fridge and everything else gets frozen and at the end of the week moved to the deep freezer. 

If I need to use frozen milk I pull it from the deep freezer 24 hours before I need it. 24 hours to thaw, 24 hours to use. 

Hope this helps!! 

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  1. I am also an exclusive breast pumper (well I have used a few bottles of formula when she’s gone over what I’ve produced, but so far only a total of 10 ounces from both to one month!) it’s hard bloody work isn’t it? Especially trying to keep up with a guzzle guts! 😅 Xxx


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