A Day in the Life of a 4 month old

Today should be a fairly typical day. I dont work, and fall semester doesnt begin until August. My miss Nova Rae only woke up one time last night to eat, around 3am. This is pretty typical for her. I got up to pump at 7am, got a total of 13oz. whoot! We both got out of bed around 830am. I fed Nova, changed her diaper, and got her dressed. Now we head for the living room to play until nap time!! We dont schedule naps, but usually they tend to fall around the same time. She eats usually one more time before she falls asleep between 11 and 12. Then the day follows the cycle of eat, sleep, play, poop. She takes between 2-4 naps per day, she is 4 months old. And the last part of the day is our bedtime routine. First we get a bath, then a book and bottle. If she isnt really sleepy after that we might take a walk around the block in the stroller. All of this happens between 8-9pm. Sometimes if she had a busy day she will fall asleep around 730 and Im not waking her up for her bedtime routine!! After she is asleep she only wakes up 1 time during the night between 3 and 330 for a bottle and I pump after that and she goes right back to sleep. I got so lucky to have such a happy baby who sleeps through the night! 

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