Halo Swivel Sleeper

Nova and I have been using the same bassinet since she was born. The Halo Swivel Sleeper. This costs us 249.99$. This bassinet is great because its impossible to knock over (I have a crazy dog), it swivels all over the place, it goes over the bed or next to the bed, it vibrates, plays music, has a nursing timer, and a night light. On top of all that it has 2 baskets on the sides to hold diapers and wipes.

There is a few downfalls to this product thou. First, its big. If you are tight on space dont get it. Secondly, it is only for babies up to 5 months. And lastly, the mattress is HARD. I mean like laying on the floor hard. (I guess this is recommended for SIDS prevention though.) 
Overall this product is worth the price. Its so convientent and it works great for us. 

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