Mom Shaming..

I was scrolling through WordPress and came across a Blog that really hit me hard ( ). First off, could she had said it any better? The judgements we face every day because of every choice we make as a mother is insane. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is quick to make you feel like you are doing something wrong. Here is an excerpt: 

“I never let my baby “cry it out”. I was the opposite. I was the extreme opposite. I knew what it felt like to be alone and cry. I knew how harsh life could be. I knew the tears that would be inevitable later in life due to unforeseen circumstances, and I did not want my infant to cry. She slept on my chest or my husband’s chest. She often slept in bed with me. If she was in her crib and she cried, I immediately went to her. I nursed her. I changed her. I rocked her. Some nights at 4 am I would be too tired to hold her and I would lay on the floor next to her crib just so she knew she wasn’t alone. I just lay there on the floor and would sing to her. She didn’t need to cry alone. She didn’t need to feel alone. During the day when I was doing laundry or cooking, she would be in a carrier on my chest or a carrier on my back. I nursed her until she was 3 years old. She weaned when she was ready. I comforted her, loved her, and I showed her that she didn’t need to “self-soothe” at 1-month-old because it was my job to soothe her. 1-month-old babies cannot self-soothe. They can cry themselves into exhaustion. They can learn no one will come. They aren’t meant to self-soothe. As they grow and become toddlers and teenagers we teach them to calm themselves. We teach them coping and calming ways. I chose to not let my infant cry, as best as I could. I chose to nurse her. I chose not to work. We chose to live below our means in a tiny home with one income. We didn’t go to dinner or movies or buy expensive things so that I could stay home. We were blessed with the ability to do that. It was what fit for us and our family.  These were our opinions and our choices but I understand not everyone feels this way. ”

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. The ‘cry it out’ message is something that I am always judged for. She explains why she doesnt do it with all of the right words. The blog goes on to say that we should all support eachother. We will all have different parenting styles. 

And thats okay. 

Thank you BethanyK for such an inspiring message. 

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