Why I don’t use Formula.

Let me be the first to say. FED IS BEST. 

I don’t support the popular saying of “breast is best”. In my opinion any way you chose to feed your child is the best way for your family. 

Now for Nova and I, we did choose breastmilk and here are the reasons why:

1. Formula is EXPENSIVE. 

2. Breastmilk is FREE. 

3. There are so many different kinds of formula to choose from I wouldnt even know where to start. 

4. The pediatrician suggests breastmilk. 

5. It would hurt to dry up. 
There is nothing that makes me say, oh I will never use formula, I just havent needed to. If the situation would ever arise I would not be against it. 

I see women all the time who exclusively breastfeed, exclusively formula feed, and some people who do a mix of both. 

There is no right or wrong, just a “What is right for your family?” 

What does upset me is when women who want to breastfeed cant, and use formula instead. There are so many more options to be able to give your baby breastmilk if that is what you feel is right. Donor milk, exclusive pumping, mixed feeding, etc. I wish everyone knew just because your baby doesnt latch doesnt mean you cant do it. 

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