Why do moms have more responsibilities? 

This is the question that burns into my mind. Why is the mom in the family expected to do SO much. Its not a verbal expectation, its just something that is the norm. Moms are expected to take care of the kids, keep the house clean, make the meals, do the grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, and work full time. I dont understand how it all gets done but it does and we never complain. 
Well I am complaining. First let me say that I do not work full time (thank you to my fiance for letting me not), and my fiance does help me a lot, especially if I ask. BUT SHOULD I NEED TO ASK?
During a day that I work this is typically what I need to get done, I wake up with the baby all night, get up with her around 8, feed her, pump, clean, then wake my fiance up around 1030. Then I make breakfast (sometimes) and we go about our day. Most the time he sits on the computer all day. While I take care of the baby 95% of the time. (don’t get butt hurt Tyler, you know this is true) Now there is those days where he will be doing other stuff like cutting the grass, working, playing with the dog, doimg yardwork, etc. But this is rare. Then I make dinner and clean up. Sometimes he will do the dishes if I BEG him. Then I go into work for night shift and get of in the morning to start over. Yes, I still get up with Nova in the morning and let Tyler sleep. If I dong work, I give her a bath, I feed her, change her, pump my breastmilk, etc. Put her to bed and I follow soon after around 10.
I feel that the scales are a bit unbalanced! Now, I do understand he makes ALOT more money then me, and he works HARD but STILL. Did I mention I am also in college?? 
Now I go back and forth on this because sometimes I seem likes it pretty fair because he makes more money, lets me work part time, and drives me to work and school. But sometimes I’m angry and I just wanna yell GIVE ME A BREAK. I am not gonna lie, I resent him while he is getting all of this sleep and im over here never getting a solid 3 hours in a row. But I HATE fighting and by the time he gets up for the day I just want some human interaction and I dont want it to be a negative one. 
So what gives?!? I feel like its the past expectation of the woman homemaker mixed with the current expectation of education and work and we are just expected to do both. 
What are your guys opinions? I want to know! Send me a personal email to epftm16@gmail.com or comment on this post (guest comments are allowed, you do not need a WordPress account.) 

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