Working Mother

Working as a mom sucks. But it does has its pros also. I am a patient care assistant so I dont make much and the hours suck. (night shift every weekend) Now my job itself isnt too bad. Much like taking care of kids, cleaning people when they poop themselves, feed them, watch them, make sure they are not getting into trouble etc. The part about working that sucks is the time I am missing out with my baby girl. Knowing my luck she is going to say her first word, crawl, etc all while I am at work. I also hate the fact that I am gone and she might be missing me, or be crying and I’m not there to console her. Like I mentioned above, I work night shift so when i get off in the morning I want to sleep. But baby does not. And fiance wants to sleep because she never sleeps well during the night for him. (or so he claims). So I get maybe 3 hours of sleep before I’m up again and that starts to wear you down! There are some pros to working thou. First one is the MONEY. Second is you get a tiny break from your tiny human. Not that I WANT one, but sometimes I NEED one. That’s the only pros I can think of right now. For other moms they may be able to say things like they love their job (I hate mine), they love the people they work with (I hate everyone), and various other things. But that doesnt hold true for me. I know I cant be the only mom out there who hates working! The entire process is just exhausting! I’m hoping that once I am done with college and in a career I love it will get a lot easier. 
My favorite quote is: Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. 
I am waiting for that day. I had it once, when working in an emergency department, but took a job that paid more elsewhere. One of my biggest regrets. Money does not fix everything.  

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