Labor and Delivery

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Upcoming Topics

I have had a TON of requests for topics and I plan on addressing ALL of them. Below are a list of the topics I will be covering in the upcoming weeks and when they will be posted. So STAY TUNED! Weight Loss 15 Day Mommy Fit Challenge with Meal Plan: 4/29/2017 by 5pm. I... Continue Reading →

Breastfed POOP

Let me go on a rant about breast milk poop. First off, whats up with the color?? Novas is like a mustard yellow, its GROSS! Second off, it STAINS EVERYTHING. She poops after/during every single feeding which is ALOT! (This is completely normal for breastfed babies) And the poop does not stay in the diaper,... Continue Reading →

Pumping Schedule

Requested by Reader. Here is my exclusively pumping schedule. Not everyday is the same, but generally this is what I follow: 3am: Pump for 15 minutes, about 7oz total. 7am: Pump for 20 minutes, about 10oz total, sometimes more. (This is when I produce the most milk!) 11am: Pump for 15 minutes, about 6oz total.... Continue Reading →

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